Bundle Policy

Throughout the year, Morii promotes an outfit. For a designated time, or until the outfit can no longer be sold together, customers can purchase the entire outfit for a discount. 

Each outfit will consist of a minimum of three items. You can find the promotional outfit on the homepage of moriishop.com, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, our Pinterest board, and by email.  


Bundle Guidelines 

Each outfit will be at the bundled price for the designated time, or until we have no more inventory to create the bundle. Any orders with the bundled items after we are sold out, will be contacted via email. To ensure your outfit, please process the order immediately. This ensures that we do not sell out of the product before you place your order.  

Bundled items cannot be swapped or exchanged for other items. This includes swapping a top for another top, a shoe for a different shoe, or a color for a different color of the same item. The only thing that is customizable is the size in each item of the bundle.  


Processing Orders with Bundles 

To have the discount automatically applied, you must first add all items of the bundle. Please make sure the size you want is selected when adding it to your cart. Once all three items are added, you'll see the discount from each item, taken off. 


Returns and Exchanges on Bundled Items 

If Bundled items are returned, the entire bundle must be returned for a full refund. If you would like to keep some of the products, you can return what you do not want and we will charge your card for the remaining items. Because all items are discounted, you will be charged the remaining amount of each item, to bring it to retail cost. Return Policy applies as normal. 

If you would like to Exchange items for different sizes, or for damaged items, please send back the product within 14 days of your order date. As soon as the product is received, we will send you out the product requested. Return shipping back to Morii is not provided.